⚬  Family Resources: Helpful Phone Numbers

  A list compiled by Travis County of local agencies and nonprofits that offer assistance with domestic relations, stress, family law, family violence, alcohol and other substance abuse problems, and mental health counseling. Click here.


⚬  Booklist

  We encourage our clients to read some of the excellent books available to help parents and their children through a divorce. Reading a book together can be a good way to approach difficult topics, such as reassuring children that both parents will always love them even if they live in different houses. For a list of parents and children's books on divorce.


⚬  Parenting Plans and Parenting Coordinators

  To learn more about the role of a Parenting Coordinator – a neutral third-party (most often a family counselor or other mental health professional) who helps to resolve parenting disputes in high-conflict cases – please read the Texas Family Code Section 153.304.


⚬  Standard Possession Order

  To learn more about the Standard Possession Order (SPO) please review the Texas Family Code Sections153.311 through 153.317. The holidays are specifically addressed in Texas Family Code Section 153.314.


⚬  Conservatorship

  To learn more about the rights and duties appointed to a conservator – please read the Texas Family Code Sections 153.073 through 153.133.


⚬  Guardian Ad Litem

  For information regarding special appointments, including the appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem – please refer to the Texas Family Code Chapter 107.


⚬  Property Definitions

  The definition of separate property can be found in Texas Family Code Section 3.002.
What our clients say...
"Lea was the perfect attorney for me. He has a superior knowledge of family law. He was especially helpful to me in discussions about my children and about my finances. He is remarkably sensitive and astute regarding the strong emotional issues experienced by divorcing couples. Yet he was tough when toughness was called for.
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