What our Referral Sources Say

Lea C. Noelke
Patricia A. English
Keith D. Maples


     “I refer people in need of a divorce attorney to Lea Noelke. I have found that Lea is committed to solving marital issues, rather than creating more issues for the sake of generating more fees — as some divorce attorneys do. He has integrity, and he is committed to the welfare of the children and families involved. The people I have referred were very happy with his prompt and committed service.”
     — Cindi Lazzari

     “I warmly refer people in need of a family law attorney to Patricia English. She is an intelligent, kind, moral and perceptive person and those qualities are reflected in the practice of her profession. Her ethics are excellent, her family law expertise is the very best, and she brings fire and conviction to advocating for her clients.”
     — Milton L. Bankston

     “As a commercial litigator, I am often asked by clients for a referral for a family law attorney. Keith Maples is on my short list of family law attorneys that I recommend to my clients. You must have a lot of faith in an attorney before you can positively recommend a family law attorney to one of your own clients. I have that kind of faith in Keith. He is a very knowledgeable about the law and the intricate issues that often arise in family law cases. He is also a very thoughtful attorney who understands that his clients are going through a very difficult time. That is a very important aspect of a family law attorney. I recommend Keith to my clients without any reservation.”
     — Kemp Kasling

     "As a lawyer, I'm often called upon to suggest a good divorce attorney. I refer people to this firm with complete confidence. The ethics of Lea Noelke and his partners and their ability to handle the most complex property matters with care make them a great choice."
     — Michael Whellan

     “I refer many clients to Patricia English because she's one of the best family law attorneys in Austin. She's very experienced and knowledgeable about Texas family law, works well with clients, and tries to resolve cases in the least damaging way possible — without compromising her clients' interests. We're lucky to have Pat in the family law community.”
     — Paula James

     “I refer people to the firm because I know they’ll receive excellent attention and results from committed attorneys with a sense of family values. Far too many family lawyers become focused on making money at the expense of other familial issues. These attorneys are attentive to the larger implications of family dissolution and do not place their interests ahead of the client's. I have always received very positive feedback on all referrals, regardless of whether the case was taken or not.”
     — Mike Slack

What our clients say...
"Andi is smart, efficient and really listens. I worked in the family courts for 5 years and saw plenty of attorneys who may have charged less per hour, but they ended up costing more in the end because they were inefficient and/or ineffective."
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