Noelke Maples St. Leger Bryant, L.L.P. likes to stay in touch with the community and other law practitioners.  One way we do that is by sending out periodic eNewsletters.  Here are some of the past eNewsletters:


Avoiding Professional Burnout

Can't We Just Get Along: Tips for After Divorce

Children's Involvement in Divorce

Divorce in Tough Economic Times

Divorce Myths

Divorce Recovery

Divorce and Your Special Needs Child

Do You Need a Pre-Nup?

Domestic Violence in Family Court

Grandparents' Rights in Texas

Helping A Friend Through Divorce

Pitfalls of Kitchen Table Negotiations

Think Before You Tweet: Privacy, Technology & Divorce

Signs You Should Speak with a Divorce Lawyer

Top Five Things Clients Do to Hurt Their Cases



05.11.14 -- State of the Practice 2014
     An overview of the past year at Noelke English Maples St. Leger Blair.

12.02.13 -- A Season for Giving: People's Community Clinic
     A call to join our annual fundraising efforts.

02.19.13 -- Board Certifcations for Paralegals Spring Liberty and Julie Whitson
     Celebrating the accomplishments of our amazing paralegals who passed the TBLS exam.

01.30.13 -- A Great New Year for NEMSB
     A new partner!  A new Associate!  A new fundraising record!

12.05.12 -- A Season for Giving:  People's Community Clinic
     People's Community Clinic and NEMSB join in asking for your help in supporting our neighbors.

06.27.12 -- State of the Pratice 2012
     An overview of the past year at Noelke English Maples St. Leger Blair.

01.17.2012 -- Funds Raised for People's Community Clinic  Breaks Our Record
     Thanks to everyone who joined NEMSB in supporting People’s Community Clinic and contributed to a record breaking fundraiser.

12.07.2011 -- A Season for Giving: People's Community Clinic
     Readers are encouraged to join with NEMSB in donating to People’s Community Clinic, which faced drastic state budget cuts, this holiday season.

06.22.2011 -- State of the Practice Revisited
     The year 2011 in review is highlighted along with the current status of the firm.

05.24.2011 -- Announcing Our New Associate - Sam D. Colletti
     Sam D. Colletti joins NEMSB as their newest associate attorney.

03.25.2011 -- Announcing Our New Partner - Audrey Blair
     NEMS celebrates the addition of a new partner, Audrey J. Blair, promoted from associate attorney, and a new name: Noelke English Maples St. Leger Blair.

12.01.2010 -- Healthy Mothers, Happy Babies
     The Healthy Mothers, Happy Babies initiative at People’s Community Clinic is supported by NEMS during this holiday season.

09.08.2010 -- Announcing Our New Associate - Judith Bryant
     Judith E. Bryant is announced as NEMS’ newest associate attorney.

07.19.2010 -- Ideas for Summer Smog Season
     Suggestions for keeping down air pollution during the summer high smog season.

04.21.2010 -- What's Your Carbon Footprint
     Calculating your carbon footprint and ideas to improve your rating.

03.03.2010 -- About Our Mediation Services and The Carbon Neutral Law Firm
     NEMS highlights their mediation services and shares their efforts to become a carbon-neutral firm.

01.12.2010 -- Announcing Our New Associate - Audrey Blair
     Audrey J. Blair joins NEMS as their newest associate attorney.

12.01.2009 -- People's Community Clinic Fundraiser
     Readers are encouraged to help support the People’s Community Clinic in this holiday season.

10.23.2009 -- Noelke English Maples St. Leger, L.L.P. Goes Green
     How to help your office ‘go green’.


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