Environmental Stewardship


We seek to conserve natural resources. We believe that mindfulness of the needs of future generations is an extension of our professional work addressing the needs of families. We see that the time is now to "reduce, reuse, recycle” at every opportunity. At the office and at home, we seek for ways to conserve energy and water, while reducing pollution, trash and greenhouse gas emissions. We hope to lead by our “green” example.

Our Action Plan

A staff “green team” began meeting in early 2009 to discuss small positive changes our law firm can make. How are we reducing our firm’s carbon footprint? Staff suggestions we’ve adopted include:

  • Turn off our computers at night
  • Turn off other office equipment, when not in use
  • Become a more “paperless” office; use digital and phone communication rather than printing on paper
  • Use low-energy lighting (CFL’s)
  • Rely on natural light, and turn off indoor lights whenever possible
  • When using the copier, make two-sided copies
  • Purchase only paper supplies made with recycled content
  • Reuse and recycle materials such as file folders - don’t throw it in the trash
  • Stock only enviro-friendly cleaning supplies
  • Use rechargeable batteries; don’t put batteries in the trash
  • Add a dedicated bin for cardboard recycling, in the kitchen
  • Reduce paper products use in our kitchen - no paper plates or napkins
  • Designate one lead staff person and partner to implement “green” policies
  • Purchase only Energy Star rated appliances and equipment

Join us in taking steps to protect the environment – and lower firm overhead costs at the same time.

Carbon Neutral

Investing in renewable energy helps reduce demand for electricity produced by traditional fossil fuels. Noelke English Maples St. Leger Blair, L.L.P. purchased 109 MWh of renewable energy credits to offset to companies annual electricity usage. This helps avoid over 144,354 lbs of CO2, which has the same environmental impact as not driving your car over 160,394 miles. Furthermore, this is equivalent to recycling over 355,333 aluminum cans or recycling over 57,742 pounds of newspaper.

Contact Us

For additional information, suggestions and/or questions, feel free to contact info@nems-law.com.  


Lead By Example
From the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Leading businesses and corporations are evaluated on many aspects of their performance, including product quality, ethics or standing in the community. These leaders can provide a powerful example promoting greenhouse gas reduction strategies through corporate incentives such as financial assistance for employees who use public transportation, car-pooling and even telecommuting. Other "green" practices such as recycling and purchasing recycled materials also contribute to emissions reductions. Corporate policies involving employees and day-to-day operations can have a positive impact on the climate in and outside the office.

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