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Volunteer Legal Services of Austin honored our firm with the 2012 Joseph H. Hart Award. The Joseph H. Hart Award is presented annually to a law firm that has demonstrated the integrity and dedication to legal services to the poor exemplified by Mr. Hart throughout his legal and judicial career. For more information about Volunteer Legal Services, click here.

Peoples's Community Clinic
Austin Young Men's Business League
Imagine A Way Foundation

Montopolis Little League
Volunteer Legal Services
Women's Symphony League
Junior Austin Women's Club

People's Community Clinic

Peoples Community Clinic



NMSB has a holiday season tradition of raising funds for People's Community Clinic.

In November, we issue a fundraising challenge to friends and associates of our firm, offering to match their contributions through the end of the year. We are very pleased that our firm’s matching-funds pledge of $5,000 has resulted in raising over $10,000 annually for PCC. Nearly 60% of PCC’s annual $5 million budget must be raised from private sources. We invite you to join us in supporting People's Community Clinic.

About People's Community Clinic

People's Community Clinic is a critical provider of affordable health care to 11,000 of our uninsured and working poor neighbors in Austin. The tremendous need in our community is reflected by the more than 60,000 visits that PCC provides each year, on a sliding-scale basis. Many others must be turned away for lack of resources. 1 in 4 Central Texans have no health insurance.

By promoting wellness and helping disadvantaged Austinites avert medical crises, PCC reduces emergency room and hospital visits, thus helping to contain healthcare costs for the entire community. Since 1970, the clinic has provided high-quality care in a setting where all patients are respected. This includes comprehensive health and wellness services for children, teens, adults, and seniors.

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 Austin Young Men's Business League - Sam Colletti 

Sam has been supporting the League for the last couple years. The YMBL enables men to grow professionally by working with others toward a common mission: To provide programs for deserving children in Austin and the surrounding area, which aid in their professional development and teach the skills necessary to succeed in school and in life. In short, dedicated to taking the risk out of Austin's at-risk youth.

Sam’s most significant roles within the organization have been: 1) chairing registration for the Scholtzsky’s Bun Run 5K, the annual road-race whose proceeds go directly to the Sunshine Camps for at-risk youth, and 2) individual fundraising team leader responsible for organizing the efforts of 15 members and raising over $30,000 in less than two months for the Sunshine Camps.

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Imagine A Way Foundation - Keith Maples

Keith is on the board for this foundation which sponsors therapy for families of autistic children. Early therapy interventions are important to help autistic children reach their full potential. These therapies can cost $35,000 or more each year and frequently are not covered by health insurance. Imagine a Way sponsors families and works in partnership with therapy providers to reduce the cost of these expensive but critical services.
A video of a family helped by IAW

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 Montopolis Little League - Lea Noelke

The Montopolis Little League is dedicated to the youngsters in the Montopolis neighborhood, teaching them teamwork and all other positive aspects of Little League baseball. Lea has supported this organization for more than 15 years.


Volunteer Legal Services (VLS) – All Partners

All of our partners are sustaining members of this organization which matches local attorneys willing donate their services to financially disadvantaged people in Austin in need of legal advice. Keith has served on the board for a number of years and is a former President. Lea is a former board member and past President of the board. All of the attorneys at NEMSB have donated their time and financial support to VLS.  Audrey serves on the Legal Advisory Board for the Volunteer Legal Services Project in Dove Springs, Texas.


Women’s Symphony League – Judith Bryant

Judy has been a member of the Women’s Symphony League for the last seven years. She has served as Chairman of the Simple Simon Committee which performs musicals at elementary schools throughout the Austin area to teach the children about the symphony. Judy plays the piano for this group. She has also served on the Jewel Committee and volunteers each year for the Soiree, a formal dance for 9th and 10th graders in the Austin area.

The overall purpose of the Women’s Symphony League is to provide financial support for the Austin Symphony Orchestra and to educate the community, particularly young people, about the symphony.

Junior Austin Women's League - Judith Bryant 

Judy has been a member of the prestigious Junior Austin Women's Club for many years, an organization which serves the public through community service including educational, civic and social activities. The club is devoted to preserving historical and architectural heritage, notably of the Chateau Bellevue.
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