Our Approach 

Divorce does not have to mean destruction. Over our decades of practice, we have seen first-hand the pain that ugly and needlessly punitive legal tactics can create for families and children. We believe there's a better way.

Our attorneys seek to obtain the best possible financial and custody agreements for our clients, but at a lesser emotional and financial cost. While we will always seek to resolve matters by agreement, it is not possible to resolve every matter by agreement. If an agreement cannot be negotiated then our attorneys are fully prepared to litigate all issues that might arise in family law disputes. Our approach to the divorce process seeks to minimize the damage, particularly as it affects children.

We assert our clients' financial and personal interests with a strong hand. At the same time, we conduct our practice with integrity, honesty, and professionalism.

Compassionate Support

Going through a divorce is always a difficult experience. Our attorneys and staff offer compassionate support and reasoned guidance as individuals navigate the dissolution of a marriage. We become our client's advocate, in every sense.

Colaborative Divorce

 In some situations, a collaborative divorce offers a desirable and less adversarial option. We are happy to explain and explore the potential advantages and disadvantages of this relatively new approach. Collaborative Divorce offers an alternative to the negativity and "win/lose" perspective of contested litigation; it requires that both spouses participate and deal honestly with one another. Many of our attorneys are trained and experienced Collaborative Family Law Practitioners.

Protecting the Children

Every parent worries about the impact of divorce on their child or children. For peace of mind, we encourage parents to be certain that reconciliation is not possible before finalizing legal action.

When custody agreements and parenting plans are negotiated, we help our clients consider and protect the children's true, best interests. By avoiding legal tactics that are needlessly destructive to family relationships, we seek to preserve parent-child relationships. We do not advocate actions or tactics that are harmful to children. In fact, our attorneys emphasize solutions that can allow positive co-parenting in the future.

Books on Divorce for Parents and Kids
Civility in Divorce

What our clients say...
"Andi is always prompt in her responses to email and phone messages. Her demeanor is always calm, self-assured, and knowledgeable. Yes, I would refer others to Andi because she is obviously committed to helping others through a difficult time by making sure that they are aware of the legal implications of their choices; she is dedicated to protecting her clients from the legal pitfalls of divorce."
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